Girl From Ceylon - Page 4 of 4 - Awesome Sri Lanka!! You are invited to Ceylon with a warm hug. Worrying about planning next trip to Sri Lanka, wondering what is awesome about Sri Lankan locale life , Things to do in Sri Lanka or else the best season to lovely beaches in Sri Lanka, incredible wild life of Sri Lanka . Then you hit the right link. Girl from Ceylon is all about living , traveling and exploring Sri Lanka .

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What to eat in Sri Lanka – Yumm Yumm – Super TASTE

Hey this is one of most interesting topics when its come to Sri Lanka. It’s really difficult to decide what to eat when you go t a restaurant as it  has number of recipes and food beverages loaded. So lets discover slowly. I’ll let you know what I preferred. If you are looking for a restaurant to […]

Welcome to Girl From Ceylon

Hi All It’s gonna be my first blog post as a nomadic and I am really impressed at the moment about the decision I have finally made to become a blogger.I am 30 years old now and having a little cute family with a lovely husband and a  cute baby boy.So we have been travelling […]

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