My visit to Wagah - Attari border Ceremony ,India - Girl From Ceylon

My visit to Wagah – Attari border Ceremony ,India

My visit to Wagah – Attari border Ceremony ,India

What is Wagah – Attari border ceremony ?

It is all about the spirit, passion, love of the real Indians with full of energy. This is the arbitrarily drawn border in between the India and the Pakistan when India was partitioned .This ceremony is a kind of competition in between Indians and Pakistans. This is officially a military practice of the Border Security Force of India and the Pakistan together followed since 1959.

Where ?When and for whom?

At entrance gate of the ceremony


Wagah is a small village locate between Amristar ,India and Lahore,Pakistan..If you are visit the Amristar in your trip to India then please don’t ever miss this great ceremony to see how people could fall in love with their nation and how they collectively celebrate it.


Everyday evening before the sunset this wonderful ceremony take place and you have to be there before 3pm to enter to the ceremony as they closed the gates around 3.30pm.And though it take place everyday no less of crowd.There are thousands of Indians coming here to show their gratitude towards their own nation as Indians.


Premises filled with Indians

Though this ceremony is mostly enjoyed by the Indians with their spirit the tourists are almost welcome to visit the ceremony and please take your passport with you to show in the entrance .With the passport you can get a special seating facilities to watch the ceremony with a good view.

How it feels like being a part of this ceremony?

Dramatic ceremony I ever watched

Soldiers getting ready for the ceremony with the command host

Purpose of Ceremony:

The main purpose of this ceremony is to formally close the border for the night and take-off the National Flag of both nations.

The gate between Pakistan and India

In my life this is the most Joyous fun filled patriotic event collectively celebrate by one nation other than India -Pakistan cricket match 😀 .But with my experience it is far beyond the significant purpose and was an electric event with Indian spirit.One side of the border Indians sits and the other side Pakistans and they both cheer for their own countries. But with the huge crowd of the Indians you will only hear the voice of Indians.

From beginning to end of the ceremony your ears will be filled with songs based on India and all Indians dance following the beat and flag off ceremony is wonderful and the military host of Indian side was very powerful and all are act according to his commands.

The peace between two nations seems faraway

Finally it could comment as a kind of drama which could give you a memory of Indians love towards nation. But other than the bus going from India to Pakistan there is nothing which shows or the improve the friendship between India and Pakistan.It seems togetherness and the friendship between these two nations are far away.

Tips to visit Wagah Border

  • Be there before 3.30pm to enter otherwise gates will be closed
  • Take only camera, water bottles and mobiles
  • Chips, Ice Cream and water and beverages are available inside by mobile sellers
  • If a tourist take passport to get a special seating