Uber Eats - Uber beyond a ride in Sri Lanka - Girl From Ceylon

Uber Eats – Uber beyond a ride in Sri Lanka

Uber Eats – Uber beyond a ride in Sri Lanka

Uber Eats- From Ride to Eat

Uber Eats

It is not a surprising fact that riding in the city with Uber is quite easy and affordable in Sri Lanka. But what does this Uber Eats? Does it a mistakenly typed in here. No my friends it’s the beginning of the another foodie experience in Sri Lanka.Yes, just like you love the ride with Uber you will love to eat with Uber. Let these superb impressive Uber to deliver your most favorite food in to your door step.

Not just another food delivery service

At the moment there are number of food delivery services available in the Colombo but at such a moment Uber come to the scene with high confident . They believe that the customers will love Uber Eats just like they were attracted to the Uber Ride.As they said the simplicity and the efficiency of  of ordering through the app, customized drop-off location and live tracking of orders will make the Uber the best competitor in the Colombo food delivery system.

How to use Eat Uber service?

It is a finger tip away from you. Do not waste your time browsing here and there please do follow the below link to add this amazing app to your mobile.Download the Uber Eats app and get the best service same the way you used the Uber Ride.

This app offer your users a multi-store Native App, which can be available to download from the App Store or Google Play. Let them order your products on your own iOS and Android App.

Download the app here at Google Play

Download app for your IOS device

Does restaurants really benefited by registering in Uber Eats?

Yes, without . a doubt the restaurants will be in a hurry just after launching the app in Colombo. Because with Uber Eats the only thing restaurants need to worry is the quality of food. The delivery process would be handle by the Uber Eats. And why not think of the customer base; it is now become a limitless as your space is no matter for the customers any more. You could expect a huge customer base by registering in Uber Eats as a restaurant or food producer.

Stay more with family – Celebrate with Uber Eats

In a city like Colombo the people are really busy with this and that. The most valuable thing in such a life style is the time.Specially the time spent with friends and family. With Uber Eats no more traffic jams, waiting in the food corners, cozy service charges at luxurious food restaurants. Uber Eats ready to deliver your meal in to your door step. So just enjoy the collaboration with your family.Celebrate your small events with Uber Eats. Just let them know what you like, from where you like and when you need. Uber Eats will take care of all other matters.

Does your favorite restaurant is with Uber Eats?

Right now Uber Eats connected with more than 150 best food restaurants in Colombo. So for sure your fav restaurant should be there. Some of them are Harpo’s, ISSO, Butter Boutique, PaanPaan, Cafe Nuga, Sushi Kai.So browse and see whats more there.