Thuna-Paha restaurant by Waters Edge - Exclusive Sri Lankan Dining experience - Girl From Ceylon

Thuna-Paha restaurant by Waters Edge – Exclusive Sri Lankan Dining experience

Thuna-Paha restaurant by Waters Edge – Exclusive Sri Lankan Dining experience

Restaurant with real Sri Lankan touch

Although you are in Sri Lanka , the all the restaurants and hotels doesn’t offer you the real Sri Lankan taste and cuisines in it’s original standard. Always it’s mix of European, Indian, Mongolian and Italian food.So then what’s it’s use of been to Sri Lanka with out knowing exactly which is Sri Lankan tradition and the taste of the food.So here, I am telling you about one of  fantastic restaurants you should definitely try out when you feel like connecting your tastebuds to your roots while searching for Sri Lankan taste. Thuna-Paha restaurant maintain by the Waters Edge hotel is one of the restaurant which could give you a  first class Sri Lankan food experience.

What does the name “Thuna – Paha” indicates?

As the restaurant it self describing “Embodying the uniqueness of a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and caraway that becomes the “super spice” that is the staple of most Sri Lankan dishes “Thuna Paha””.

Wonderful Ambience with lake view

When it comes to Sri Lanka what does it comes to your mind is ocean and the beach. It is quite amazing for some people to believe that you could dine near by a lake in the city of Colombo. But that’s not a surprise, yes we do have lakes in this dusty busiest city. Go there beore sunsets as you could enjoy the scenic lake view and why not have some lovely photographs with your loved ones.

Sophisticated foodie experience – Totally Sri Lankan

We went to this superb restaurant to celebrate our travel-partner Achini’s birthday and we were invited by her husband Jam for the dinner. That was our first experience atThuna-Paha restaurant . I want to mention that if you are not a good foodie and eat just a little bit then this is not the restaurant for you as you have to eat eat and again eat if you going here.

Explore what we ate ??

 Appetizer platter

As I said even the starters were Sri Lankan as we were given wade, Kadala (chick pea), maiyok chips and fried shrimps.

But this collection could be vary may be it consists fried fish , cutlets or else fried capsicums.But for sure taste will at it’s best.



Fried shrimp

Maiyok chips

Deviled Chick pea

Why not Sri Lankan classic food

What does the use of Sri Lankan cuisine with out hoppers, string hoppers and most famous  kotthu. Don’t worry theThuna-Paha restaurant it self has not forgotten to serve you those marvelous Sri Lankan classic specials for you. After the appetizers we were served with number of those Sri Lankan classical food as below.

We were given kottu, string hoppers, pittu, roast bread (roast paan), egg hoppers.I wanne specially mentioned this is the best egg hopper I have eat in Sri Lanka as it was super crispy than any other restaurant.

Main Course

“Does it not over yet ?” you may asked. Yes ,there are lot more to come. As I said everything in this restaurant is special. Have a look how do they take your buffet to the table.

Buffet taken to the table with cane woven baskets

The main course includes  2 rice types with around 15 curries.

The buffet with 2 rice types and 15 curries


This was the most loviest food to explore. Yes you may have eaten hundreds of dessert types but look how does Sri Lankan dessert looks like.It contains rice pudding, watalappan, coconut toffees, sesame toffees(Thala guli), milk toffees ,curd with honey and sugar, pudding, fruits, helapa, levariya, kewum(oil cakes) , kokis.


Dessert- Helapa, Kokis, Levariya, Kewum (Oil cakes)

Traditional Dancing Performance

The restaurant Thuna-Paha is not only serving you the best exclusively Sri Lankan meal for you but at the same time you could enjoy Sri Lankan traditional dancing session as well. My baby really loves the devil dancing perform and it was really funny and entertaining event. So would like to reminds you do not hurry to end up your meal as soon as possible. Take your time and dine slowly as you could enjoy these nice dancing session if you stay there for around 8.30pm. I mentioned it because I have seen most guests done the dine and go away missing this.


Wonderful service by attentive friendly staff

Just like all other facts mentioned including food and entertainment the service and the staff also first class at Thuna -Paha restaurant.They are friendly and attentive to all your needs. Always do their best to make your experience a perfect one.

Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACHINI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had this wonderful experience thanks to Achini and Jayampathi who are our travel buddies up to now and forever. So wish you again a happy belated birthday Achini !!!

Quick Tips

  • Go before it’s too dark to enjoy the scenic lake view.
  • Stay till night to watch traditional dancing session.
  • Do not hurry to finish the meal.
  • Enjoy meal slowly other wise you will end up the meal at it’s middle.
  • Buffet price LKR 2383.66 + Tax (Rs.3100 Net per person)
  • You can enjoy special dishes, tobacco and desserts other than the buffet on your interest.Ask for the staff for more details.

Make a Reservation

I know after reading this all you are not gonna miss this meal. So call them for a reservation.


Lunch: 11.00 a.m. -3.00 p.m. | Dinner: 7.00 p.m.– 11.00 p.m.


316 Pannipitiya Road, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

  • Phone: +94 77 4 827 168
  • Email:

Visit the official site of Thuna-Paha restaurant