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Sea Food Cove by Mount Lavinia Hotel

Sea Food Cove by Mount Lavinia Hotel

Dine Sea Food right on the beach



In the city of Colombo there are hundreds of sea food restaurants are available  but out of all the SEA FOOD  COVE has been a remarkable restaurant with it’s superb taste food and the ambience.Make sure you are not in a hurry if you visit this restaurant as it takes bit more time to serve and even to put your order as well. Don’t think I am discouraging you but just said as I don’t want you to disappointed in such a nice restaurant just because of your hurry.

What’s intriguing about this Sea Food Cove restaurant…

If somebody asked me this question then my answer would be definitely the incredible ocean view and  of course fresh sea food meals .In this restaurant we could choose the fish or the cuttle fish ,prawns or whatever the raw sea food we need to be added to our meal as those raw sea food are displayed in the front table of the restaurant.All those are with priced tags and you can order your choice of meal with selected sea food.

Best time to visit the Sea Food Cove restaurant?

The meal time of the restaurant is as follows. Though the dinner starts at 7pm I recommend you to visit for the sunset as you could enjoy a drink with beautiful sunset view.

Meal Times:
Monday to Sunday 7.00pm to 10.30pm


Dinner on sandy beach with loved ones lighten with candles

I visited Sea Food Cove for the first time last month September for a dinner with my  two years old toddler and beloved husband.Actually I would like to invite you to save your date at sea food cove for a special evening celebration as it is that much cool ambience with star sky with a ocean view which swept your tired with a cold breeze .

The candle lights and torches give a romantic look to the evening.What else we could expect than a sitting on the beach, feet in the sand, cold breeze and a sea food cooked on your choice.WE really love our experience at the restaurant. First we ordered  two cranberry juices and one orange juice for my self. We enjoy it taking some time as my baby  played on the beach.After that we needed to order our meal and ask for the menu from the staff and they informed us that we have to order the food at the entrance of the restaurant with our choice.

So we went there and there were only one person to take the order and we choose the type of seafood of our own liking by weight and then choose how would we like it cooked.So our choice was fried sheer fish and prawns. While you choose the main dish with sea food choice you could ask for side dishes either salad ,rice or french fries. So our choice was rice with steamed vegetables for us and fries for our baby. All were superb taste and we love it so much.

What I love about the Restaurant ?

The ambience is the best thing I love and the food is delicious and experience is special than having a sea food in a closed room.The calypso entertainment is lovely with the candle lights on the beach.

What I don’t like on Sea Food Cove restaurant?

Also we order sea food broth soup but I will not recommend that it was not good at all.The food ordering process is quite confusing and hard when the restaurant is filled with more customers  as no personal ordering system. The whole food menu is on a huge board and it’s difficult to get the assistance of the staff just like order in the table. So we really felt uncomfortable at that point.

Other than that the service ,food and the beverages, ambience all were superb at sea food cove restaurant.


Visit official site of Mount Lavinia hotel for reservation

How much does it cost?

For three juices and two sea food broth soup and sheer fish and prawns plates with side dishes we ordered the total bill including taxes cost around LKR.6800.

Quick tips

  • Go there before the sunset.
  • Ordering soup will only increase your bill not taste at all for my self.
  • Do pre reservation for out side table arrangement.
  • Go through the huge menu and select carefully before going to the order taking guy.
Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon

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