Restaurant with a view - Mount Lavinia hotel - Girl From Ceylon

Restaurant with a view – Mount Lavinia hotel

Restaurant with a view – Mount Lavinia hotel

 Mount Lavinia hotel

Dine at Mount Lavinia Hotel

Mount Lavinia Hotel is a famous travel spot in the city of Colombo specially because of the beach access. So with the sea view there are number of restaurants have been established based on the coast and out of the remarkable hotel with great history is the Mount Lavinia hotel.Previously this hotel has been a residence of a British governor and then in 1806 it has been converted to a hotel.The hotel is very grand and impressive with the British architecture and the sea view. When consider the guests it’s famous among both tourists as well as the locals.

Dining at Mount Lavinia Hotel

If you are planning to go for dining in the Mount Lavinia hotel you should know that it does offer the meals in three restaurants with specifications. So it’s better you to decide which restaurant you gonna go before your visit.So for your convenience here am going to reveal those restaurants.


1.The Terrace

Guests particularly love the dining  experience located in one of the resort’s pools under the stars with tropical sea breeze. Dinner is the best at terrace as the ambience is at best.

2. Sea Food Cove

If you are a sea food lover then just head in to sea food cove and have the best sea food experience in the city on sandy beach with candle lights and sea breeze.

3.Governor’s Restaurant

This is a perfect choice of restaurant with  a touch of colonial style which served the daily international lunch buffets and a world of themed nightly buffets.

4.Lobby Lounge and Bar

Looking for a rich assortment of drinks with a wide range of wines plus a stunning night view of Colombo then here is the place for you to enjoy the evening.

5.Baywatch Tower

Now a days the restaurants are much crowded and you still need a personal celebrations for just two of you . No matter what’s it all about whether your first date, anniversary or you gonna propose then pre book your amazing personal dining ambience just for both of you.

6.The Hut

Do you looking for a restaurant to swept the tired of the hard working days with live entertainment. Then why not heading to The Hut as it offers lively music with a wide range of food or drinks .