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Nuwara Eliya – Araliya Green City Hotel Review

Araliya green city review

Nuwara Eliya – Araliya Green City Hotel Review

Araliya Green City  Review

Grade : 5 Star


No 01, Glen Fall Road, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

Contact : +94 522225000

Website : Hotel website

Araliya green city review

“Araliya” group is now remarking their name in the travel and tourism industry with their stylish star level hotel range and Araliya Green City is the newest member added to the group. In my previous posts I have reviewed my stay at Araliya Green Hills  which is one of best hotels in the Nuwaraeliya and the Araliya Green City also located near by the Araliya Green hills hotel around 1.9Km away from the Gregory lake.This fresh hotel provide both residential and the dining facilities for those who expecting a great experience while there visit to the Nuwaraeliya.

In my last visit to Nuwaraeliya the Araliya Green City hotel was under construction and therefore when I am visiting Nuwaraeliya I had no idea to book my stay at this grand hotel but next time definitely will stay here as my experience at the restaurant was quite amazing .


Restaurant preview

So the most special fact about the Araliya Green City restaurant is it is for all of you guys with out any discrimination . No matter what kind of food lover you are you will able to find at least one to two things that could satisfy yourself. This time I stayed 3 nights and 4 days in Nuwaraeliya and as I booked my hotel in BB basics I didn’t able to enjoy the breakfast here. But I have been here for 2 dinners and 2 lunch meals with my husband and my baby boy  together with our friends family. All together there were 6 of us including 2 toddlers.So all of us enjoy really great meal in each time we visited and I really love their spice kottu and cheese pakora and chicken masala curry.

Food and beverages

You can experience a wide range of food at Araliya Green City ,City food court including  Arabic & Western, Indian& Sri Lankan, Asian, Vegetarian and a Patisserie. The quality of the food was really high and was yummy and I love the Indian dishes very much and highly recommend.

I am really sorry to say that Ic couldn’t find a photograph of meal because we were so hungry because of the cold climate and too busy day time.We done the dishes just after  they arrived on our table. 😀 😀


We were soo hungry all time we visited,  so couldn’t catch a image of a meal 😀 :D. It’s all done.

Kids friendly??

Araliya green city kids

Enjoying their time till meal reached

When going on a long vacation what does a mums heart is worrying is whether our stay going to be kids friendly. Because as  they do not their vacation to be a same stress and tension days  as common.As I was traveling with my one and half years old toddler my experience and recommendation would be great asset for you mums. I didn’t find any kids play area within the restaurant and would like to suggest the hotel add such an amazing feature to make us mums little bit free within our dining.

But the seating arrangements and the huge space let the kids to have their own space and play . So it was a quite relief for us to had our meal peacefully. Specially our kids really loved the dragon graphic near by the Chinese cuisine store.

Our kids playing with dining arrangements

Our kids were playing with dining arrangements


Food prices at Araliya Green City Restaurant ??

This is not a too cheap restaurant but as you can ensure that you are having quality and clean meal and you are not going to end-up your whole Nuwara Eliya vacation inside a hotel bathroom by eating here and there I could say your payment would be worth and no worries as they really serve great food. The reason behind why I state such a thing is it is possible to et in to a diaria or some stomach pain due to the food poisoning in a city like Nuwara Eliya. So be careful where you gonna eat .


Outer Ambience

In the city of little England Nuwara Eliya it is not something to be amaze by the colorful flowers in the garden. when ou get off from the restaurant you could enjoy a well maintained garden full of lovely flowers maintained the Araliya green City hotel.



As I haven’t been in this hotel as a resident I couldn’t give a recommendation on the rooms and all but if you are looking for a nice place for your dining then Araliya Green City restaurant is waiting to welcome you all with a great staff.








Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon