Dining out in Style - Movenpick Hotel Colombo - Girl From Ceylon

Dining out in Style – Movenpick Hotel Colombo

Dining out in Style – Movenpick Hotel Colombo

Movenpick Hotel Colombo

Grade : 5 Star


Movenpick Hotel Colombo
No. 24 | Dharmapala Mawatha
03  Colombo
Sri Lanka

Contact : +94117 450 450

Website : Hotel wesite


Mövenpick Hotel “AYU”restaurant  review

Out of all touristic activities what I love most is new dining experiences. So whenever the time and budget is up we love to visit new restaurants and hotels around. So once I passed the Movenpick hotel I just needed to walk in but at that time I was hurry to pick my train from Colpetty railway station which is walking distance away from this fabulous city hotel. But I determined my self to be there as soon as possible.

So one afternoon I was not that much busy and really felt a hungry for something special. Yes something super special ,I don’t know whether you guys ever having such hunger 😀 .So finally I went this amazing AYU restaurant in the fourth floor of the Movenpick hotel.


Colombo 5 most stylish restaurant – AYU

Luckily I got a seat  near by the window which gives a perfect city view. I love it so much as I always love to be seated in corner rather than in the middle wherever I visit. The staff of this hotel make your visit  a memorable moment with their friendly service and the guidance towards to pick the perfect food for you to enjoy. Most of the time when I visit the restaurants I prefer to order the food I love than trying for each and everything in the buffet. The hotel Moven  Pick once again confirmed that my decision was quite right and perfect by offering the mouth watering meal with full of colors and decos.

AYU restaurent entrance

Movenpick hotel 4th floor AYU restaurant entrance

Ambience of hotel Movenpick restaurant

City view through the window

City view through the window


hotel ambience

Inside the restaurant

Oh god I was forget to say what I took my eyes on first sight in this restaurant it was a very tiny purple color flower pot table decoration. I was so happy to sea such small but welcoming arrangements which inspired us. Sometimes you may think that what does the speciality of having such a thing while you are waiting for an amazing meal .for myself it is very very appreciating thing and I really encourage the restaurants to have such arrangements for their guest to be enjoy and make their memories colorful. Because their may be thousands of visitors just like myself who will feel that you are special because of  such a thing.

Food ??

After going through the menu we there were me and my husband ordered the Sandwiches for him and the biryani for me. Also two cold cranberry juices and my favorite yum yum cheesecakes.Believe me that all of them were mouth watering tasty and eye catching looking. So I have to say that Movenpick hotel is one of the best culinary expertise in the Colombo city. Most importantly their food serving style with the so much deco and colors done with full of effort.All our dishes were above standard and we really enjoyed them.


cheese cake for cheese lovers

Blue berry Cheesecake for cheese lovers

Vegetable biriyani

Superb Indian Vegetable Biriyani



Sandwiches served with french fries

His favorite sandwiches


When it comes to a star level hotel review the most important questions the readers are worrying is the amount gonna pay for the food and beverage So it is very important to mention here that your experience in the Movepick hotel restaurant gonna be worth more than you pay.For two of us it was cost around LKR 6500 for a perfect menu ordered lunch including beverages and the desserts.

Our favorite cheese cake

yum yum cheese cake for a lovely chat


Looking for something to take away for a loved one??

No matter you have no time for a sit in the restaurant still you can buy a special brunch for yourself or else for your loved one from this hotel. The Movenpick hotel have it’s  outlet in the ground floor with various snacks and cakes.

Cake shop of the Movenpick hotel




So Movenpick thank you so much for making my visit a memorable and lovely. Now am counting my days to visit you again to try for other meals so special. Till that my lovely readers am recommend you to pick this lovely hotel for your next special event or the celebrations as you gonna receive a service and a meal beyond your expectation.

Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon


  • Michelle

    Ahh this looks amazing and delish! Will have to try it out someday!

    July 16, 2018 at 2:22 am
    • Girl From Ceylon
      Girl From Ceylon

      Yes Michelle you shouldn’t miss this if you gonna visit Colombo Sri Lanka.

      July 16, 2018 at 12:01 pm