Wander My village - Ceylon hidden villages - Girl From Ceylon

Wander My village – Ceylon hidden villages

Wander My village – Ceylon hidden villages

My village

My village a simple land portion lies in the Kegalle district with lovely warm set of people.Would you love to wander ??

Explore the warm hearts of Sri Lankan villagers

Am the girl from Ceylon, the pearl of Indian ocean grew  up in a village sits in Kegalle district , so I spend more than 2 decades entertaining a life of a simple villager. A life full of joy and adventures. I felt the love and hospitality of the locals of this beautiful country. Do you know even Sri Lanka is a paradise for tourists and you may think you have to pay for each and every thing. No, that’s not the truth.

You may  spent LKR 250 from your valet to enjoy a king coconut. But do you know still there are people who would serve you a free king coconut if you step in to their house.Yes there are places still the hospitality exists with out money. Those people are not rich at all. But their hearts are full of warm.

So am inviting you to explore those warmly hearts. Feel the love of local villager. Give your helping hand for a poor family.

My village is where I love to be

I have been wrote a lot about the destinations to be explored in Sri Lanka. So today I got a feeling that why don’t I let you about my village. Yes it’s all about memories of more than 2 decades. Today am living in the capital city of Sri Lanka and processioning my self as a software engineer. But still the childhood memories couldn’t escape from the heart. My small village called as “Walapitipalle” a very small piece of land with less than 50 families. Compared to the 10 years back now it could be called as developed. But still there are lot to entertain.

The one of main route Colombo 5 bus route is 5 minutes away from my home. If you are travelling towards Sigirya, Trincomalee by this route you are passing my village. But no one knows what’s there inside. It’s just a passing village for you all. But for me it’s a world.

Wandering the village on a weekend

After the advanced level which is the university entrance examination of Sri Lanak I got the opportunity to join with Uva Wellassa university and passed my 4 years of teenage their in the misty Badulla are. Those are the best days of my life and will shared with you in later posts.So I came to visit village once a week as Badulla is far away from my home. After the graduation I started working in the crowd busy Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka and was able to visit my village once a week. So been used to the urban was not an easy thing for me as I loved the nature and the calmness of the village.

So after years once a day I was able to wander my small village again just like I was enjoying a school vacation in my childhood. I went here and there but not alone with my soul mate. So felt that lif was so good at village and need to be here for the rest of life. But not that fortunate as we have to go back to Colombo to continue the working life.

So here am sharing my village with you.

Don’t be surprised by it’s beauty. It’s my village. A hidden gem.

I have been playing behind these grass with my childhood buddies. We  had a great child hood in my village.We didn’t had many things but our expectations were less. Therefore we enjoyed what we had. Our lives were full of joy with less sorrows.People do worry them self for not having what others have. But they forget to smile for what they have which others doesn’t have.

Still today if you come across my village you can enjoy the simple life of ours.


The above fliers photographs I didn’t capture them else where , they were live in my home garden. Yes not like a urban city we have tiny woods in our own lands. No doubt any one would coming to the villages would be jealous if they lives in tiny land piece in urban.am not talking only about you my self today am also greedy about these lovely nature.


At the center of my village there is a beautiful water stream and to connect the two lands separated by this stream there is a stone bridge. I am sitting on that bridge and memorizing those old memories I had with my buddies. We bath in this stream and play when it’s rainy. Even our parents blame we used to stay here till it’s dusky.


This black and white bird we called them Polkichcha in Sri Lanka. A common bird in here and there. You may known them as Oriental magpie robin or Copsychus saularis.

There’s a secret behind this bird it’s a local fact you may not known yet.In villagers if we see one bird of these we think it’s inauspicious and to get rid of that we have to show that same bird to some body else or else we have to find 2 birds of them.

Hey this is one of my favorite food. We called it Kathurumurunga or Hummingbird Tree. Do you know we have number of recipes from this yummy tree plants and as well as their flowers.If you visiting Sri Lanka taste one of them. These trees are grown in our home gardens.


This is one of my favorite pics among my collection. It’s my home sweet home.

Mountain behind my home

There is a small but bit big in scale mountain behind my home and we called it fox mountain because my grandpa said when they were young fox came to this mountain in the evening.So that’s how it name came out.

So in the evening we hike to the tiny mountain and relaxed. The dusky sky was what I love the most.



Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon


  • Mal

    Wow this sounds so peaceful 🙂

    November 23, 2017 at 7:38 pm
  • Graciella Colmenares

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story about your village and your experience living there. I would love to visit this place someday and experience it for myself. Xo

    November 24, 2017 at 3:16 am