#GV2017 Global Voices Summit 2017 - Girl From Ceylon

#GV2017 Global Voices Summit 2017

#GV2017 Global Voices Summit 2017


Global Voices Summit 2017

Global Voices is an international community of writers, bloggers and digital activists that aim to translate and report on what is being said in citizen media worldwide. May be you have heard of it, may be not. But now the chance has came to your door front as this time 2017 the Global voice summit is going to be held inSri Lanka on 2, 3 of December 2017.

Looking for an international contacts

In a country like Sri Lanka the publicly open summits are a rare opportunity and why not take that chance of been a part of such a global event. Yes there will be participants from more than 70 countries and it’s a truly be a global campaign and discussion as they said.

So register now and be a part of the global voice  summit.If you are unable to join with the Global voice summit 2017 in Sri Lanka you could connect with it online.

Register for the summit


Global voice summit 2017 Program and Schedule

You could find the program schedule from below link.


Inviting you to join with #GV2017

So it is an open invitation for all you bloggers, writers, volunteers to join with Global voice summit 2017 in Sri Lanka at the Trace Expert city Maradana on 2, 3 December 2017.

Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon