Sea turtle hatching Hikkaduwa - Sri Lanka - Girl From Ceylon

Sea turtle hatching Hikkaduwa – Sri Lanka

Sea turtle hatching Hikkaduwa – Sri Lanka

Sea Turtle hatching in Sri Lanka

Travelers have different interests .Some love wild life, some love  beaches, some love the nature but who don’t love these giant sea turtles. Any body who visits Sri Lanka would like to see these amazing sea turtles. In Sri Lanka there are number of non profitable projects are ongoing to preserve the sea turtles. There is a threat of these species being eradicated from our planet.

Most of the travelers coming to the southern coat are looking for the sea turtle hatching experience. But it’s rare to be part of it and depends on your luck. But other than hatching there are number of places where you could watch and experience the natural turtle feeding and also the turtle farms as well. Hikkaduwa, Kosgoda, Mahamodara , Rekawa , Induruwa , Koggala ,Dehiwala are some popular sea turtle hatching and conservation projects ongoing locations.

So if you are going to one of above make sure to see these sea turtles and would be a great experience ever.

Sea turtle natural feeding at Hikkaduwa


Hikkaduwa one of the best natural feeding spot popular among the travelers. Yes here and there everyone talking about it but what is the exact place I could catch them in to my eyes. Then read carefully. If you are locate in Hikaaduwa then walk directly to the Hikka Tranz hotel and the exact place is behind the hotel.

Normally if the sea is normal and not rough at all around 3 or 4 turtles coming to the sea sore and you could feed them by your hand as well. Those sea turtles are giant. Keep in mind not to disturb them as if they felt insecure they go away and no one would be able to even see them.

Turtle hatching Hikkaduwa

When the city name Hikkaduwa heard most of travelers asked whether we could go for turtle hatching. Yes why not around Hikkaduwa and southern coast there are number of turtle hatching and farms available.

Hikkaduwa Turtle farm

This is located in Perleiya, Telwatte , Hikkaduwa. Get off from the Hikkaduwa and took a tuk tuk to visit this farm. In here you could found several species of turtles and experience the tiny touch of 1 day turtles. If you are lucky enough you may able to watch the turtle eggs are hatched. But it depends.

Turtle hatching at Hikkaduwa beach

Not only in the turtle farms but also you could experience the hatched turtles release to the ocean at Hikkaduwa beach.If you go to the hikaduwa beach near the Hikka tranz hotel then you will found the life guard location and asked him whether any turtle release taken place on your dates. IF so they will inform you and you’ll be able to be a part of that rare moment.

Released hatched turtle to the at Hikkaduwa

I was able to experience this lovely moment of releasing hatched turtles to the ocean in Hikkaduwa beach and below you could see that amazing video.






Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon