Ranmudu Ella waterfalls - Thunmodara - Girl From Ceylon

Ranmudu Ella waterfalls – Thunmodara

Ranmudu Ella waterfalls – Thunmodara

Weekend escape to Ranmudu Ella waterfall


Love this beauty of the waterfall

Hello friends it has been long time that I posted my last blog posts. Yes I was busy with the baby and my job stuffs. But I really missed blogging. So I am back and going to share my travelling stories with you. With the past silence period I have gone on several trips and picnics including long weekend trips and one day quick picnics as well. So there are lot to tell you.

So it begins like this. No proper plan for the weekend and suddenly our friend suggested for a picnic and we were thinking of where to go. So we came up with idea to visit Kalutara bodhi by train which is 7.20 am by Ratmalana station but fortunately we couldn’t catch it because we woke up bit later. So in the morning we decided to visit Seethawaka wet zone botanic garden and prepared some sandwiches to eat there as it was called as a nice picnic place.

Seems like a edge pool

Driving to Ranmudu Ella waterfalls

We were driving towards to the Seethawaka wetland park through Avissawella Rd/ High Level road . As a habit when travelling we used to search for nearby attractions as well. Because sometimes unplanned unknown destinations become the best memories ever. As a result we found that Ranmudu Ella waterfall is nearby to the Seethawaka wetland park and we direct the vehicle to there.If you have your google map available on your mobile please follow it as it is the easiest way to find this lovely waterfall.

No private vehicle needed. Go by bus

No need to worry if you don’t have a private vehicle as you could reach this waterfall even by bus. Take the bus no 125 from Pettah bus stand to Padukka and from padukka take the Padukka Awissawella bus which take around 40 minutes of travel time to reach Ranmudu Ella waterfalls.

Best destination  for one day escape around Colombo


View from the bridge


Why not have a camera click




Enjoying the day with kids is the best


Colombo it’s all about busy life, urban traffic and concrete buildings. Yes that’s true but if you have a bit time may be your weekend still there are lot to be enjoy around. Does waterfalls only lies in hill country. No that’s not it. You may not beleieve bu t you could find around 14 waterfalls around Colombo. So it is just a matter of knowledge gap. So let me introduce them to you one by one. Today it’s about Randmu Ella waterfalls which is 15 m height and 48 km away from Colombo city center. This small but nice situated in a tributary of the Wakganga River.

If have time why not discover more ??

Thunmodara where this Ranmudu Ella is located is the land for 3 other most popular waterfalls in Colombo. They are

  1. Kumari Ella
  2. Ella Uda Ella (Kahan Ella)
  3. Dambora Ella

So if you have enough time go discover them but do remember just kept your foot steps ther nothing else. Because of the bad behaviors of the people all these natural gifts are been polluted. But don’t be a

Waterfall bath ?? Does it safe?


Air bubbling in the natural pool


Enjoy natural bubble massage


Of all the amazing waterfalls to visit around Sri Lanka , very few have that perfect combination of beauty with safety to make an amazing waterfall bath like Ranmudu Ella . In addition to the scenic beauty and the nature you can enjoy a natural air  bubble massage and a crystal clear water bath.

Refresh your life with nature


Most of travelers enjoy waterfall bath there as it’s safety than other waterfalls. But be careful if it is rainy period the water stream could be higher instantly and that is too dangerous. Other than that Ranmudu Ella is a perfect destination for a waterfall bath and enjoy a natural water pool experience.

Enjoy up to maximum the crystal clear water fall with kids

Travelling with friends are awesome

So if you are planning your next trip to this Ranmudu Ella waterfall please pack suitable dress for a bath. For our day trip there were four of us with our toddlers who were one and half years and 2 years old. The also enjoyed this cold water pool and loved the air bubble experience a lot.

This is a marvelous place to relax after heavy worked life week. Water was able to refresh the body and mind as well.

So inviting you to discover this lovely waterfall with your loved ones. But please let it the way it is. Don’t destroy because our next generation also have right t to enjoy it.





Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon