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Birdwatching in Sri Lanka

Birdwatching in Sri Lanka

 Birdwatching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of most attractive tourist destination and is almost popular for it’s lush beaches and elephants. But do you know that Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for birdwatching holiday  as well. THere are number of bird sanctuaries which are open for you to discover .Based on your desired areas and species, you can choose your private guided tour or self-drive tour, or recommend you to join a set-departure group tour .

As Sri Lanka is rich in hugely diverse geographical range which includes montane forests, wetlands, marshes and coastline you could choose one among the following bird sanctuaries to explore. So spending one or half a day from your stay at sri Lanka for bird watching would be a great experience as well as allow you to capture nice camera clicks as well.With a range of Asia  and country-specific endemics, as well as migrant birds which visit to breed and  this makes birdwatching in Sri Lanka is packed full of variety.


 How many species endemic to Sri Lanka

Bird lovers and birders around the world travelling over one content to another or country to another country uplift the bird number they have seen. Most important and valuable visit would be seen or capturing the photographs of  birds that can only be seen  in one location .We called them endemic species. The tropical island of Sri Lanka is one of the most popular destinations for endemic birding in Asia.

In number Sri Lanka has 34  endemic bird species as recognized. Over the course of a year and counting the wide range of migrant species, more than 465 bird species may be seen in Sri Lanka .Do you know that out of that number  225 species endemic to the South Asian continent.

Birding Hotspots in Sri Lanka

The bird speices seen at each sanctuary is differ from one to another. It is mainly depend upon  season, climate, habitat condition, migration, and other facts as well. Each of following locations offers superb birding opportunities for many of Sri Lankan outstanding bird speices.

Most Popular Birding site – Kumana National Park

Kumana national park is Located in the Eastern part of Yala National park. Kumana is the most important and the famous one among all. Most of the birds nest i  Kumana mangrove swamp during the period of May to June. Kumana national park is fed by the ‘Kumbukkan Oya’ through a half mile long narrow channel. The best season in Kumana for birding is April to July.

Regular sightings of birds:

  • Elicans
  • Painted storks
  • Spoonbills
  • White ibis
  • Herons
  • Egrets
  • Cormorants


Sri Lankan Bird Watching hotspots

  1. Kumana National Park
  2. Kithulgala rainforest
  3. Sinharaja Rain forest
  4. Udawatta Kele Forest Reserve.
  5. Horton Plains.
  6. Victoria Park in Nuwara Eliya.
  7. Hakgala Botanical Gardens.
  8. Yala National Park.
  9. Bundala Wetland and Bundala National Park.
  10. Udawalawa National Park
  11. Talangama Wetland
  12. Anawilundawa Wetland
Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon