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Explore the capital city Colombo

Explore the capital city Colombo

Colombo no more a sprawling city to access the country

Colombo is not any more a sprawling spot it has been emerged as a tourist attraction and a must see place among travelers. Yes, it’s a excellent worthy place to look around and stay. Years back Colombo was just a short staying destination where travelers wait till train or bus arrival.But it’s not like that any more even we can stay a week and explore and entertain the travelling.

Colombo beyond the business trip

It’s the busiest city of Sri Lanka and the most crowded one. Worrying that you will not able to enjoy the nature in this complex city. That’s not true still you could find number of places to chill and relax the greenish nature. .Yes there are lot of gems hidden in this crowded city. Lets wander them together.

Stay in Colombo is not a time waste

For many tourists as well as locals Colombo is just a pickup point in their travel schedules. But there are lot more coolest things to do while you stay in Colombo. Your stay may be more than a day or a less than a half a day. But still there are lot to do and see.

Wandering a city is a kind of ART

Though you don’t have proper plan and just get off your hotel and in street now still there are lot to enjoy.So don’t worry or hesitate to stay a one day in capital city Colombo it’s worth and not a waste.Tasting street food is amazing experience. Do you know that they are really yummy and you may addicted. So while going on streets have some fresh peanuts or else spicy fruit mixture.Go for window shopping and explore what are there for your budget.

A good wander sense  the wonder of a city

Yes If you are a good wander then you will explore the wonder of city which never a daily traveller will seen. I have same experience with me. I have gone on petah streets hundred times but never knew that there is a museum there. Because all those past were not actual wandering just a walk.So you may find something which I never see before.So go for it, capture it and let the world know it.

What to explore in Colombo – near by attractions

  • Colombo National Museum

This is one of must visit destination in Colombo where you could discover the history and cultural value of amazing Sri Lanka.You can find  wonderful exhibits really well laid out and maintained, clear English explanations and covering so much history of Sri Lanka. there is a nice cafe inside the premises where you can relax with a good cup of coffee and smoke.The entrance fee is around 600 and for photography you need to pay extra 250.

  • Independence Square -Green Lawns for a peaceful walk



This is monument of Sri Lanka which indicates the  triumphant victory of gaining independence for Sri Lanka in 1948 February 4th. The structure of the Independence Commemoration Hall is similar to Kandyan audience hall . There is no much to do here but to relax yourself. Visit here in the evening as it is more windy and cool there.Next to the square you could find Independence Arcade .It is a modern shopping mall with  covered ponds, and more statues of lions and  number of high standard shops.

  • Gangaramaya Buddhist temple

This temple is around 120 years old sacred temple .It is enriched with impressive Buddhist cultural statues and lot of antiques.The place is more looks like a museum and lot to explore.The temple was positioned by Venerable Hikkaduwe Sumangala thero around 1800. The most important and interesting fact behind Gangarama temple is Navam perahera held on February full moon poya day in each year.Also  Gangaramaya temple is the center for the Colombo Wesak celebration.


  • Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct -Great collection of Restaurants and shops

This building was a hospital during the dutch colonial era and now converted to a mall .Enriched with shopping stalls, restaurants and spas.This is one of best place for a top dining and shopping purpose .There are lot of eateries. Depending on  your interest pick the restaurant . In the day place is not much happening. Friday night bit festive looking and a band playing out side tap house.


  • Number 11 – Geoffrey Bawa’s Colombo Residence

Geoffrey Bawa is the well known genius architect lived in Sri Lanka.Number 11 is his private villa in Colombo and now is open for public viewing. It’s  need to get an appointment before visiting and tour times as follows.                                                Monday – Saturday : 10.00 am , 2.00 pm & 3:30 pm

                          Sunday : 10.00 am

Entrance fee is around LKR 1000 per person.


  • Pettah Market – Local market experience

If you are looking for a local market experience this is the place to go.Can buy the things cheaper price than any where else. Whatever you need everything is here. Place is always crowded and can find street food but can’t recommend the quality and hygiene. Pettah market not a place for people who are finicky.


  • Ballys Casino

Most of tourists looking for casinos when they are staying in Colombo and looking for fun. This is a place with well behave staff and have genuine games to engage.


Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon