National Maritime Archaeology Museum - Galle - Girl From Ceylon

National Maritime Archaeology Museum – Galle

National Maritime Archaeology Museum – Galle


Visited National Maritime Archaeology Museum – Galle

When travel become the passion each and every moment we were searching and discovering the places here and there. Each and every place nook and corner has it’s own value but may differ from one to another eye. So it’s  better to put your eye each and every where and check whether it’s going to be worth for you.The rule is same for me. I had visited the Galle fort more than 10 times earlier but never had a look on Maritime Archaeology museum before. But for my luck I just had a feeling for a visit.


National Maritime Archaeology Museum - Galle, Sri Lanka

 At the entrance of National Maritime Archaeology Museum Galle


Small but worth visiting to explore why Galle much important

Yes, as said this museum is not a huge one but the hidden story behind the colonial Galle and it’s trading patterns at colonial era is there to be explore by yourself. The museum is one of fascinating things inside the Galle fort and I love the around 90minutes I stayed there.The museum has  interesting collection of artifacts recovered from shipwrecks off the Sri Lankan coast.
Well worth a visit, unless of course, you walk around with your eyes closed.


Best place to start your Galle visit

Thought museum’s main  focus is marine archaeology, there are masses of clearly set out info on many aspects of Sri Lankan life and history. So it’s a good starting point to explore the colonial era life of Galle.



One of best new museum inAsia with lot of values and love it’s architecture nad the way space has been used. The enormous internal space has been magically used to explore the colonial years of Galle and its harbor and trading history , navigation, and ship evolution with the story of all its invasions.

So at the end what I have to say is this is a bigger place than you think.  Plenty of relics from the Dutch occupation in particular. So why not stepping in to this stunning museum once you been to the colonial city Galle.
Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon

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