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Udawalawe Safari in Sri Lanka

Udawalawe Safari in Sri Lanka

Udawalawe  National Park Wildlife Safari

Wild life safari is one of a dream to do list  item for any traveler who visits Sri Lanka. But the thing is where to go for safari as Sri Lanka is riches with several national parks which are really good for wildlife watching. “Udawalawe” is one of favorite among but small in size compared to the other reservation sited.

The Udawalawe national park  land area of the Park is about approximately 28910 hectare.

How to reach Udawalawe from Colombo by bus

  • Go to central bus stand in Colombo (Pettah bus stand) and catch a bus to” Ambilipitiya.” You have to get off at Udawalawa junction.
  • take a bus towards to Monaragala ( Route number 98) and it is passing Udawalawa.. will take 5-6 hours with traffic


My trip to Udawalawe

Udawalawe Accommodation and Safari Rates

So once we decided to visit Udawalawe national park ,we checked for the accomodations and booked Eagle Safari Udawalawe bungalow and also booked the safari from them as they facilitate it. They only give accomodations if you booked the safari jeep by them. The stay was so cool and .In the bungalow for 2 family rooms which can accommodate 9 people is only LKR 5000 (For Locals)  and this price would be vary upon the demand and the season.Next to the bungalow there is a water stream which was really good for bathing and the surround is really amazing and scenic.The safari jeep cost around LKR 3500 for locals for evening safari tour.Safari jeep could accommodate 5 to 7 people.

Wild life at Udawalawe

The safari was taken at evening and we leave the hotel by  2pm and was travel till 5pm and there had number of marvelous elephant watching experiences and bird watching as well. So if you are going for a detailed safari then take your bird watching book with you as there are number of unseen birds which could catch up by your lense eye.We also saw many different bird species, a lot of them endemic to Sri Lanka, Crocodiles were in great numbers along with lots of wild buffalo.Udawalawe is well known for its elephants because they are attracted to the Udawalawe reservoir.

Worth each rupee you spent

When we plan to visit Udawalawe we had no idea whether this trip is going to be great or false but at the end it was amazing and worth every rupee we spent. So if you have only one choice of safari and if it is between yala and uda walawe I suggest it to be Udawalawe as Udawalawe has less dense vegetation then Yala, which makes  the percentage of animals to space is far higher, increasing your chances of seeing more animals.







Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon