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Travel to Jaffna Sri Lanka – A city beyond the stories

Travel to Jaffna Sri Lanka – A city beyond the stories

It’s too hard to decide to visit the Jaffna beyond the stories because within last 3 decades it was full of sad and horrible stories which were occurred behind the civil war. Though it’s completely over now still the second thinking was there before planning a trip to Jaffna. It said that too hot nothing to watch but finally I decided to travel there to see what does it looks like to check whether is that really horrible. But believe me it was one of great trips I ever had. I love the nature and atmosphere. It’s hot but it’s your cleverness to plan the trip well and enjoy it.

I’ll tell you how it was and you gonna interest in planning your trip also. As a traveller there is no need of having luxury trips always but our inspiration is to explore more as we could  nothing else.

How to reach

Reach By Air

Jaffna is accessible by the airplane from Colombo to Palali which is the airport 17 km away from the city and the most important thing to determine is this Palali airport is not accessible from international airports as it’s an internal air service.

Reach by train

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to reach Jaffna this would be best matching. We also travel  by train and we reserved the air conditioned first class tickets as the climate is too hot while traveling to Jaffna. The ticket from Colombo to Jaffna is around LKR1500 and it’s really worth. The air conditioned seats available train is departure from the Colombo fort railway station around 5.45 am and reached by 12.30pm.

Reach by bus

If anyone preferred travel to Jaffna by bus then they could choose central transport board buses and private buses. The travel route is A3 main road and it is about 404km away from Colombo.The most comfortable way is to prior book a super luxury bus seat from Colombo.

You can use the following link to book the bus online.

What I was interesting about ??

Though Jaffna is so called as the centre of Sri Lankan Tamil culture still there are number of places with buddhist importance. So it is also a city with multi religion importance.

  • Nainathivu Island  ( Nagadeepa Temple )

Nagadeepa Temple


Entrace of Nagadeepa Temple

The ferries are used o travel to the island Nainathivu where the sacred temple Nagadipa situated. These ferries are not very safe but the pictures and statues of Tamil gods were there inside those ferries to save you. It shows how much they respect and believe in their religion.

  • Awesome architectural Hindu temples

Believe it or not from mile to mile there are Hindu temples I think there are more than thousands around the Jaffna peninsula, no need to explore them all but drop by some of them.The most impressive temples are Nallur Kovil, Maruthanamadam Anjaneyar temple.

Hindu Temple near Keeramli spring well


Hindu Kovil

Hindu Kovil

  • Mini Islands

Visiting island is a special offer you got in travelling to Jaffna and it’s not all about beautiful sights and many more specific islands. But just to enjoy the boat ride to a isolate island and explore it as no one did before.

Nainathive is one of most popular island among Buddhists where the Nagadeepa temple located.Also the Delf island is the highest tourist attracted island of the Jaffna peninsula.

  • Stunning Beaches

Yes they are not much popular but you’ll love them. The beaches like KKS beach still are not too crowded .You could enjoy them in a calm manner with out any disturbances. I don’t think there is another beach in Sri Lanka where you could find as much as sea shells in the beach.

KKS Beach


Sea Shells

  • Jaffna Fort

Relaxing on  top of a wall of Jaffna Fort in a evening is amazing. It is the second largest for of Sri Lanka. It is at the water’s edge of the lagoon and enjoy the cold breeze. There are ice cream sellers who sells cup of multi flavored ice creams just for little price.

At Jaffna Fort

  • Rio Ice cream

Any traveler visits Jaffna put the Rio Ice cream in to there list . Yes it is worth price and able to whip off your tired throughout the day.Enjoy it with your favorite flavor. Compared to other regions there are number of ice cream shops available in the city but most people go to the RIO because of it’s quality. I also hadn’t tried any other shops.

Rio Ice Cream

  • Shopping in the market

Located west of the bus stand and full of vegetables and fruits . Also there are silver kitchen equipment are available for sale. No need to buy them just wander around and explore.

  • Bird Watching

Was able to capture numerous birds through the camera. Though it’s not famous you could find many bird speices while travelling across the peninsula and islands .

Bird Watching




Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon

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