Weekend picnic to Adisham Bunglow , Haputhale with the Precious companions in University Life - Girl From Ceylon

Weekend picnic to Adisham Bunglow , Haputhale with the Precious companions in University Life

Adisham Bunglow , Haputhale, Sri Lanka

Weekend picnic to Adisham Bunglow , Haputhale with the Precious companions in University Life

Traveling with friends is awesome

” Badulla ” is one of most precious cities in my life where I spent around 4 years of most funny entertaining teenage. Yes thats where I enjoyed my undergraduate life with a group of lovely friends who till in my life. Badulla is a nice city which is encircled by the Badulu oya river and with beauty of tea plantations. It’s about 680meters above sea level and a tourist attractions are rich in the Badulla city including Diyaluma waterfalls, Namunukula hills and Muthiyanaganaya sacred temple.


Me and Thiliya at Adisham Bungalow

As Badulla is so far from my village Alawwa and as it takes more than 6 hours for traveling we usually visit home once or twice a month. Therefore me and my friends normally went on picnics in weekends and those were full of fun. Still we could chat hours and hours about them when we gathered together and laugh ourselves.

Hills view from the ADdsham bunglow

So as usual in a weekend one of my friend drop an idea of visiting Adisham bungalow which is one hour trip from Badulla to Haputhale. So we all agreed and instantly went there but unfortunately we forget the it was a Good Friday . So we went to the bungalow but the gate was closed. So keep in mind to never visit Adisham bungalow on catholic special holidays.

AS the first trip was not success we went there on another day by train and I recomend if anybody dreaming of visiting Adisham bungalow [lease take the train up to Haputhale and then hire a tuk tuk . If you are healthy enough walk through the tea plantations as we done.It is not a big deal you can have a great hiking experience.

Traveling with friends is awesome there are no worries are anything called hard when we are with friends. Am happy and lucky to have these lovely people around me Domiya , Piyumi, Nadiya, Chichi , Chamiya , manaya, Sonali , Panuwa, Chathumali I still remember those lovely days we had within our university life. This is just a drop of  huge jar of lovely moments there are lot more I’ll share them with you another day but day would not be enough.

The lovely Adisham bungalow perfect for a photo background



Why Adisham Bungalow so special ??

Currently the ADisham bunglow is used as  Adisham Monastery a congregation of St. Sylvester and was build in 1931 by an English aristocrat and planter Sir Thomas Villiers, former Chairman of George Steuart.In 1961 it was purchased by the Roman Catholic Church and was subsequently converted to a monastery. The house is well preserved along with its period fittings and furniture, and is open to visitors and the land is around 10 acres. It’s a bird sanctuary as well as rich with various linds of flora nad fauna and well maintained landscaped land which is scenic. If you visit Adisham bunglow you can buy Jams, cordials made of the fruits from its own garden.

How to reach Adisham Bungalow from Colombo ??

If you are traveling from the train then get off from the Haputhale station and follow the below path.Or else buses from Colombo to Badulla the No 99 route pass through Haputale,and get off from there as Haputhale is the nearest city for visiting ADisham bunglow. The monastery is about 3km west of Haputale. Follow Temple Rd along the ridge until you reach the sign at the Adisham turn-off.

What else I can visit while going to Adisham Bungalow ??

Tangamalai, a bird sanctuary and nature reserve which you can access while visiting Adisham bungalow which  has an elevation of 1,364 meters. I’ll specially write a post about this hidden sanctuary bear future.

Till that good bye.


Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon

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