Stay at Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka #budget travel hikkaduwa #long stay Hikkaduwa# - Girl From Ceylon

Stay at Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka #budget travel hikkaduwa #long stay Hikkaduwa#

Stay at Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka #budget travel hikkaduwa #long stay Hikkaduwa#

“Hikkaduwa” is a one of dream place of all tourists who loves sandy beaches. I also loved the

beach a lot and visit there always it’s possible specially Hikkaduwa beach. Though there are so

called seasons for visiting Hikkaduwa if you backpack to there you could find number of tourists

visiting and having fun throughout the year. Because Hikkaduwa is not only about swimming

and diving but lot to discover.Hikkaduwa is located about 100km south of the Sri Lankan capital,

Colombo. Hikkaduwa is well known for its coral sanctuary, the proximity of wonderful diving

sites and surfing beach.

Hikkaduwa beach view


Hikkaduwa weekend fair

The budget living in hikkaduwa as a tourist could be depend upon how you wanna live there.

Hikkaduwa is one of the place you could find accommodations from star level hotel to a locale

home stay.If you are planning to rest in hikkaduwa more than couple of weeks and having a

restricted budget plan with you then best option is to rent a house or live in a locale place other

than going for a star level hotel or villas.

If you are clever in cooking prepare your meal at home otherwise check in to small restaurant

near by. There you could find numerous restaurants with special recipe offers with lowest

prices. Don’t stick into a specific place while your stay at Hikkaduwa instead go and taste in

several restaurants. Yes sometimes the restaurant people do not understand quite correctly

what you are asking for at that time use your mobile to show them a photograph what you really

expecting and it will help them lot to provide you a best customer service.

If you are travelling with your children and searching for a best place to swim at the Laguna is

the best matching for you which is located next to turtle beach with shallow water and no waves.

If you couldn’t find the place ask somebody to show you the beach next to Coral sands

hotel,that’s the place. I must say to have a best experience go there early if you could take

bread of some biscuits with you then you could feed the fishes and discover the beauty of them

if it’s morning.

Normally the beach get much crowded in weekends as locals also come to have a sea bath.

If you are far interested about diving or surfing there are places where you could rent the

equipments and get help of instructors as well.Hikkaduwa attracts more than lakhs of surfers

around the world annually and have specific surfing destinations which have wave heights

range up to 3meters during the season.

So these are small tips for your trip to Hikkaduwa.Keep in touch with Girl from Ceylon as am

going to reveal the restaurants, accommodations and snack bars in Hikkaduwa from upcoming


Corals Hikkaduwa deep sea


Deep sea fishes



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