I couldn't believe. You are one now #Letter from muma # - Girl From Ceylon

I couldn’t believe. You are one now #Letter from muma #

I couldn’t believe. You are one now #Letter from muma #



It’s unbelievable that he has been grown to  a little big guy of one year. How could I believe I felt like it’s yesterday I take him to our little home. Yes I still remember how you play in my tummy. But that’s the truth it has been 1 year passed. Last year was the best of my life it’s nothing else just because of my little Nethu my little cute bunny who passed my time with his laughter.My little son you wane know my thoughts for you.

So it’s a festive week yes we gonna celebrate your  birthday. Yup muma is bit busy as she need to manage both household and office works and at the same time wanne ready for this lovely day.No matter how many hours I awake for you over last year ,the lovely memories we shared over nights will be kept in my heart forever. There will be a time you will be no longer in my arms I will keep those memories of ours to memories on up coming lonely nights.

Do you know that muma wants to make everything for your birthday  by her own hands. yes muma is  not perfect at all but need to try them just for you my baby.Papa wanted to order a big cake for you but still me dreaming for a birthday cake made my self. It’ll be a mess but don’t blame on me OK.I know you wont instead you’ll be proud of because you are my  boy i know how you gonna fell it.Oh god you wont believe what your papa and grand papa commented over my cake. Finally those all are just a sweet memo.

You know baby I have watching over you for passed 365 days but don’t know when you changed to this cute bunny. Is that when muma sleeping at night. No it couldn’t happen because we both didn’t sleep that much . Do you know that when you are on a nap muma touches your little petals like hands and kiss them and saying over and over again that how much muma loves you.

Once you been a big guy would you have a time to go through the old picture collections of us during the last week means your first year in this world. OH god it’ll take much time so do it when you’re on a vacation as we have tons of lovely photographs of you.Yes papa and me have traveled a lot with you.we wanted you to discover the nature and be relax in lovely places.Papa saying that you are just like me who wanted to go go go go some where. Yes it looks like you are a copy of mine and I love  to hear so.

So my loving baby , thank you for coming to our life making it a fantasy that we never thought of it could be. Happy birthday boy you are now little big guy of little old mum.

Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon

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  • Silvia

    Great post! Congratulations!! 🙂

    November 29, 2017 at 8:48 pm