Few more guides to visit Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic Kandy in Sri Lanka - Girl From Ceylon

Few more guides to visit Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic Kandy in Sri Lanka

Few more guides to visit Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic Kandy in Sri Lanka

As buddhists while visiting the country we always give a much priority to the religiously sacred places while traveling. So mostly important and sacred religious place of Sri Lankan buddhists is Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic or Sinhalese we called it as “Sri Dhalada Maligawa”. So no matter how many times we have visited it if we enter to the city of Kandy we definitely go there and worship. We believe in the bless of tooth relic .

So last December while we are on a office annual trip to Kandy we went to visit the temple of tooth relic with our little baby. so he was vey happy with the new experiences. So when you go to the temple buy some flowers to worship it will give a kind of relief to the heart. Walking next to the large Kandy tank with the cold wind will fill your heart with happiness. So don’t forget to taste a packet of Mango or Sri Lankan olives sell by street sellers. Those sellers are not rich people they are living by the rupees you given to them to buy a little food packet. So it is once again a charity work.

Special note if you are visiting with babies

Not only Sri Lankans but also each and every tourists who comes to this sacred city Kandy don’t forget to go to the temple of tooth-relic.Though the place is famous among tourists there are many things that they don’t now until they come to the destination.So if you are traveling with your babies less than 1 year old you are able to get the special bless of the tooth relic if you go there before 6am morning .When you are going there don’t forget to wear a proper white dress as other color dress not allowed.

Dress code

If you are going to visit the temple of tooth relic situated in Kandy Sri Lanka then keep in mind sleeveless tops and shorts and mini skirts not allowed. If you wear so they are giving you  cloth to cover the body.So it is better and comfortable if you wear properly before going there.

Rajah Tusker Hall and World Buddhism Museum

Also have a look around the museum behind the main temple and it includes lot of Buddhist related statues , paintings ,photographs and models etc from all over world. And specially you should go to the Rajah tusker hall as well which  is just north of the Temple of the Tooth but within the same compound.. So it is kind of a tiny museum which holds the  stuffed remains of Rajah, the temple  or chief elephant in the Kandy Esala Perahera, who died in 1988. There



It’s worship time with papa


Muma gave me this flower


Inside the temple




How the temple views


Kandy Lake around the temple


Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon