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What to eat in Sri Lanka – Yumm Yumm – Super TASTE

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What to eat in Sri Lanka – Yumm Yumm – Super TASTE

Hey this is one of most interesting topics when its come to Sri Lanka. It’s really difficult to decide what to eat when you go t a restaurant as it  has number of recipes and food beverages loaded. So lets discover slowly. I’ll let you know what I preferred.

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat out first decide what type of food you prefer as then you can easily found out best matching place for you. And also do not forget to math your budget. It’s not true that only star level restaurants and hotels providing the best food. You’ll be amazed by the taste of  food in small food shops situated in the villages or near by.So try them as well. Keep in touch with me as I am going to reveal you the most of such  places with my coming posts.

There are specific menus to Sri Lanka which you couldn’t taste any where in the world  other than Sri Lanka. So try them out before you leave. Street food s are also a good choice if you don’t have a much sensitive stomach and they are not such bad as you think and some times taste superb than 5 star hotel recipe.

In Sri Lanka it is not quite difficult to find Indian , Chinese restaurants and if you preferred you can eat in such a place. Once get in to Sri Lanka try to have a locale meal in a Sri Lankan home as sri Lankans are really impressed to offer you a good recipe with their hospitality.

We have food specific to festivals and occasions.If you are like to eat more sweets then why not try for Oil cakes, asmi , munguli ,peni walalu which are embarrassed with Sri Lankan taste. Oh you gonna really love it and try again and again.

So see you with the specific food types which you need to taste while visiting the Sri Lanka.

Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon