My Stay at Field bungalow of tea plantation in Nuwaraeliya - Girl From Ceylon

My Stay at Field bungalow of tea plantation in Nuwaraeliya

My Stay at Field bungalow of tea plantation in Nuwaraeliya

Out of many attractive places in Sri Lanka Nuwaraeliya is the one of most interesting place of mine. It’s cold and calm environment always impressed me and I love to visit again and again. That’s why I have travelled so many times to Nuwaraeliya. So hope its time to share my experience with you.

Keep in mind that visiting Nuwaraeliya is cooler compared to the other regions of the Sri Lanka and get ready for that if you are traveling with your little buddies. Nuwaraeliya called as Little England because of it’s climate. 

When it’s come to our trip to Nuwaraeliya instead of staying at a hotel we decided to stay in field bungalow in  a tea plantation called Didula. It was a new experience for us as we have our previous stays in hotels rather than living with a  locale. 

The bungalow is situated on top of a tea plantation and surrounding was sooo impressive and attractive. They are growing the vegetables and fruits at home for their consumption. We had a fresh strawberry juice once get in to their house and it was really refreshing.Also without any effort they have a pictorious front garden full with wild flowers.





For our dinner they serve us tasty rice and vegetable curries which were freshly plucked from their garden and also a mojito made with minchi leaves were served as well and it was the first time I taste a minchi mojito tasted using lemons .
THe most amazing view of the environment could be seen on early morning and our whole family enjoys the nature up t maximum. I travelled with my little baby which was 9months old at the moment and he also loves that atmosphere a lot as I seen through his little cute eyes.The mist covers he whole plantation and sun shines comes through the mist to kiss the ground. Still there were dews on grass which sparkled just like diamonds.







It is must to say that their hospitality is pretty to much and we were really grateful for them for giving such a lovely experience while staying there. Most of the locales were Tamil people whose occupation is plucking tea though their skin is pretty much black heart is too clear even than us as I felt. They were trying to impress us with each and every possible way they could so it was not only a great nature entertaining experience but also a heart touching emotional experience of my life.
So once you come to this cold city Nuwara Eliya tr to experience the locale life how they live and how they are pretty ready to welcome you to there locale life. It would add a remarkable memory once you leave Sri Lanka.


Hope you enjoyed reading the locale life of a cold Nuwaraeliya villagers.

Girl From Ceylon

Girl From Ceylon


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